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  • Challenge Question #2

    Lisa McGinley (
    Fri, 28 Feb 1997 13:29:02 -0500

    Dear Journey North,
    We found out that females lose their antlers in the spring and the males
    lose theirs in the winter. We figuered out that the reason why the
    females still have their antlers in the winter is because if they lost their
    antlers the same time the males do, which is in the winter, they would
    both lose their antlers. If they both lost their antlers at the same time,
    they would not be able to dig for food, fight for food, store food, and give
    out warning signals. In the spring the females lose their antlers, and the
    males grow theirs back because the males need their antlers more
    important than the female s because the males need their antlers
    because the male use their antlers for fighting for a mate. We also found
    out that the females have one young per birth. We are writing you from
    Maryville Middle School and would like to thank you and Mrs. McGinley.

    Andrew Baumann
    Chris Gowan

    P.S.- Please contact us back soon.