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  • Challenge Question #2

    Jay S Phillips (jsphilli@access.k12.wv.us)
    Fri, 18 Apr 97 16:33:33 PDT

    Dear Journey North,

    We are a third grade class at Kanawha Elementary School. We would
    like to respond to Challenge Question #2. We multiplied 60 seconds times 60
    minutes. It equalled 3600. Then we multiplied 75 wing beats per second of
    the hummingbird and multiplied 3600 times 75 and got 270,000. We then
    divided 270,000 into 4,000,000 and our answer was 14.81 or rounded off to 15
    hours to get across the Gulf of Mexico.


    Brittany Bunner
    Megan Gorrell
    Jasmine Davis
    Andrew Breedlove
    Kevin Vannoy
    JR Null
    (with help from Mrs. Lemon and Mr. Phillips)
    Name: Jay S. Phillips
    E-mail: jsphilli@p34.s212.c96.k12.wv.us (Jay S. Phillips)
    Date: 4/18/97
    Time: 4:33:33 PM

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