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Tracking Changes in Photoperiod Around the Globe

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  • challenge question #3

    Mary Gerber (mgerber@horton.col.k12.me.us)
    Sun, 23 Mar 1997 13:14:10 -0500

    (I made an error and sent this with the wrong subject- I put question #4 in
    the subject line, so I'm resending it now, please ignore the previous
    message, sorry)

    Dear Journey North,
    We made 3x5 cards for each of the ten mystery classes plus one for our
    class. On the card we've been recording the date, the photoperiod and the
    change in photoperiod between weeks. At the bottom of our bulletin board
    we made a label for the south pole, in the middle- the equator, and we
    labeled the top of the bulletin board the north pole.

    Then we sorted the cards based on photperiods and arranged them from south
    to north. The classes were arranged from greatest to least placing the 24
    hour photoperiod class near the south pole label while the class with the
    least photperiod was placed near the north pole.

    As we add data to the cards each week we've noticed many patterns about
    1) The equator has remained fairly constant.
    2) The classes south of the equator are losing daylight.
    3) The classes north of the equator are gaining daylight.
    4) The gain or loss of daylight is most dramatic at the poles.

    We haven't figured out the relationship between photoperiods and longitude.
    We are eager to see what other classes have noticed.

    According to our internet source, Brunswick, Maine's equinox occured on
    March 18 not the 20.

    Thank you for this wonderful project!

    Mary Gerber
    mgerber@horton.col.k12.me.us Grade 4
    Brunswick, Maine