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  • Challenge Question #5

    Baldwin, Kathy (baldwin@south-jeff-clarke.moric.org)
    Fri, 2 May 1997 13:04:51 + 5 EST

    Mrs. Baldwin's 7th period Science class (7th grade) thinks the
    mystery classes will be found in the following locations:

    Mystery class #1 - Beringovskiy, Russia 65N, 179.25W
    Mystery class #2 - Barrow, Alaska, USA 71N, 156W
    Mystery class #3 - Wellington, New Zealand 40S, 175E
    Mystery class #4 - Jiddah, Saudi Arabia 20N, 38.5W
    Mystery class #5 - Jiayuguan, China 41.38N, 102.5E
    Mystery class #6 - Scott Station, Antarctica 77S, 166E
    Mystery class #7 - Bellingham, Washington, USA 48N, 122.25W
    Mystery class #8 - Lusaka, Zambia 15S, 28W
    Mystery class #9 - Wroclaw, Poland 51N, 16.5E
    Mystery class #10 - Sesfontein, Namibia 11S, 14.5 E

    We divided our class into teams and each team tried to find one
    mystery class. We enjoyed doing the project.