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  • Challenge Question #5

    Mike Seybert (pmseyb@dataex.com)
    Sun, 04 May 1997 08:16:02 -0500

    Mystery Class #1: Country--Russia (Siberia); City--Egvekinot;
    longitude--179.25 East; latitude--67 North.

    Mystery Class #2: Country--United States of America (Alaska); City--Barrow;
    longitude--156.75 West; latitude--71.6 North.

    Mystery Class #3: Country--New Zealand; City--Christchurch;
    longitude--172.5 West; latitude--43.5 South.

    Mystery Class #4: Country--Brazil; City--Fortaleza; longitude--38.5 West;
    latitude--3.35 South.

    Mystery Class #5: Country--China; City--Kunming; longitude--102.5 East;
    latitude--25 North.

    Mystery Class #6: Country--New Zealand (continent of Anarctica); City--Ross
    Island; 166.75 East; latitude--78 South.

    Mystery Class #7: Country--United States of America; City--Portland
    (Oregon); longitude--122.75 West; latitude--45.3 North.

    Mystery Class #8: Country--South Africa; City--Johannesburg; longitude--28
    East; latitude--76.25 South.

    Mystery Class #9: Country--Hungary; City--Zalalovo; longitude--16.75 East;
    latitude--47.9 North.

    Mystery Class #10: Country--Namibia; City--Walvis Bay; longitude--14.5;
    latitude--24 South.

    The preceding answer to Challenge Question #5 was submitted by Mike Seybert
    from his home computer e-mail address, for the Hilbert Middle School,
    Hilbert, WI 54129, e-mail hilbert@athenet.net.


    Mike Seybert
    Teacher, Hilbert Middle School.