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  • Challenge question #5

    Louann Talbert (ltalbert@mail.mcn.org)
    Mon, 5 May 1997 03:48:37 -0800

    This information is from Louann Talbert's 7/8 A Science class at
    Laytonville Middle School in Laytonville CA

    Mystery Class #1 - We think that this class lives in northeastern Canada or
    Alaska or Greenland. We had a hard time with the clues! We know that
    caribou live in these areas and we think that the Atlantic Ocean is the
    richest ocean in the world. From Erin Neuroth and Hannah Gravier

    Mystery Class #3 - We think this class is in Christchurch, New Zealand at
    43 S, 172.5 E. From Shayla Workman and Richard Bolton.

    Mystery Class #4 - This class lives in Brazil somewhere because it's in the
    southern hemisphere, close to the Equator. Three possibilities are
    Guayaquil, Manaus or Belem. This was the best I could do from Cheri

    Mystery Class #5 - I think my mystery class is somewhere in Asia, like
    Siberia from Mat Gardner.

    Mystery Class #6 - We think our class is on Ross Island in Antarctica
    because their days are getting shorter so they are in the southern
    hemisphere and all the rest of the clues fit. From Ayla Sanderson and Mike

    Mystery Class #7 - Hi! We think mystery class #7 is in New Westminster,
    British Columbia, Canada at 44 degrees N Latitude and 127 degrees W
    longitude. From Moorea Agnoli and Autumn Hancock.

    Mystery Class #8 - My graph led me to believe that the mystery class was in
    the southern hemisphere. Clue one told that people there had only seen
    snow twice in the last 35 years so this told me that the place had to be
    somewhat near the Equator.
    Clue two said that they had 11 official languages. This made me
    think that maybe the people were separated for long periods of time and did
    not get to know the other languages well enough to establish one main one.
    Clue three listed the seasons in one of their local languages. The
    language that was listed was Dutch, because my mother is from the
    Netherlands. From all of this I believe that this class is somewhere in
    Indonesia. From Yana Gilpatrick.

    Mystery Class #9 - I think this class is in Ukraine because it has two huge
    rivers that divide the country into three sections. It lost most of its
    country in 1920 to Poland and in 1945, World War II took a huge toll on the
    Ukraine which could cause the population to be low. So I think this class
    lives in the city of Sumy, Ukraine at 51 E, 34 N. From Madeline Bills.

    Mystery Class # 10 - I think this class lives somewhere in Africa. that's
    all I could figure out from Tia Tonne.

    Our class had a great time working on this project. It is a
    wonderful research project and really made my students think and work. It
    also made me aware of the great need for resource materials my classroom
    and school has. We used encyclopedias, atlases, CD ROM atlases, World Fact
    Finder. I am interested to know what resources other classes used and how
    much class time was spent on this activity. My class spent a total of
    about 3 class periods (50 min.) on it.

    Louann Talbert