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Tracking Changes in Photoperiod Around the Globe

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  • challenge question #5

    Karin Clemens (kclemens@edcen.ehhs.cmich.edu)
    Mon, 5 May 97 23:15 EDT

    City 1 - Anadyr, Siberia, Russia; 64.80N, 179.25E
    City 2 - Anchorage, Alaska, USA; 61.20N, 149.60W
    City 3 - Auckland, New Zealand, 36.00S, 174.24E
    City 4 - Fortaleza, Brazil, 5.40S, 40.48W
    City 5 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1.80N, 102.08E
    City 6 - McMurdo, Ross Island, Antarctica, 78S, 166.75E
    City 7 - Seattle, Washington, USA, 46.80N, 121.44W
    City 8 - Johannesburg, S.Africa, 25.20S, 26.40E
    City 9 - Vienna, Austria, 46.80N, 15.84E
    City 10 - Windhoek, Namibia, 21.60S, 15.84E