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  • (no subject)

    Mon, 5 May 1997 17:06:42 -37477400

    Hello! The students involved in Mystery Classes from our school are in the 4th
    and 5th grades. We am sending their guesses together in one message. We live
    in Hugo, Minnesota and our teacher is Mrs. Loch.

    4th Grade Guesses:

    1. Yakutsk, Russia
    6210N 12950E
    2. Anchorage, Alaska, USA
    60N 150W
    3. Chirstchurch, New Zealand
    4333S 17240E
    4. Belem, Brazil
    120S 4830W
    5. Kota Bahru, Thailand
    67N 10214E
    6. New Caledonia, Solomon Islands
    166E 20S
    7. Bellingham, Washington, USA
    4845N 12229W
    8. Johannesburg, South Africa
    282E 2610S
    9. Berlin, Germany
    52.32N 13.25E
    10. Windhoek, Africa
    2234S 176E

    5th Grade Guesses:

    1. Anadyr, Russia

    2. Petropavlovurk Kamchatsky, Russia
    533N 158.43E
    3. Christchurch, New Zealand
    4333S 17240E
    4. Fortaleza, Brazil
    3835W 345W
    5. Vientiane, Laos
    187N 10235E
    6. Honiara, Solomon Islands
    9.28S 159.57E
    7. Portland, Oregon, USA
    4527N 12239W
    8. Lusaka, Zambia
    1526S 2820E
    9. Bekescaba, Hungray

    10. Layoun, Western Sahara, Africa