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  • Challenge Question #1

    Helen Kittredge (sunder2a@k12s.phast.umass.edu)
    Thu, 13 Feb 1997 15:31:04 +0000

    My second graders came up with these ideas as factors that make life
    difficult:1.I think it is difficult because there are so many
    butterflies around all the time. They might annoy you. 2. If the window
    is open, they might fly in and bother you. 3.It might be hard to drive
    if the butterflies are in swarms. 4.Where do the Monarch butterflies
    get the milkweed and their other food. 5.They might eat other crops. 6.
    They might break something little. 7. The milkweed is sticky. 8.The
    milk could smell in the heat.Thanks! sunder2a