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  • chllenge question #3

    Buisman, Keri (kbuisman@dh.minnetonka.k12.mn.us)
    Mon, 03 Mar 97 13:38:00 CST

    Here is a list of answers for challenge question #3 from Mrs. Buisman's
    third grade class in Minnetonka, Minnesota:
    -They huddle up in pine trees for a blanket. Under the pine needles for an
    -The pine needles are a blanket and umbrella because the pine needles stick
    out far.
    -The leaves act as an umbrella and a blanket.
    -The pines on the tree are slanted, so the water doesn't fall on them, so the
    pines are the umbrella. The blanket is the branches because they can cuddle
    around it, so that is the blanket.
    -It protects the monarchs and keeps them warm at night.
    -The water runs down the bark, so it doesn't just pound down on the forest.
    The moss on the tree serves as the blanket and for the tree.
    -The warmth of the trees.
    -The pine needles cover them like a blanket and the pine needles hold the
    rain when it rains.
    -The pine needles cover them and they can lay on the needles.
    -blanket-The batch of blanket pine needles that are on the side of the tree
    keep them warm. Umbrella-The groups of pine needles shade them from the