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  • Challenge Question #2

    Jay S Phillips (jsphilli@access.k12.wv.us)
    Fri, 7 Mar 97 19:04:55 PST

    Dear Journey North,

    Late though this is, this is the response that my students came up with
    in our small group.

    The answers that the students said wereto:
    1- don't make fire close to tem
    2- don't kill them
    3- don't cut trees down that they live on
    4- don't scare them when they are drinking water
    5- don'tmake noises around them
    We got our translation from an exchange student from Spain named Carlos
    who is living with Mr. Phillips, our teacher.
    Name: Jay S. Phillips
    E-mail: jsphilli@p34.s212.c96.k12.wv.us (Jay S. Phillips)
    Date: 3/7/97
    Time: 7:04:55 PM

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