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  • Challenge Question #4

    Lyn Moxim (awesome@mail.bright.net)
    Tue, 11 Mar 1997 16:24:49 -0800

    These are responses from Mrs. C. Frey's class from Elm Street Elementary
    in Wauseon, Ohio to Challenge Question #4.

    Brittney C. thought that females are slower because of the eggs.

    Brian S. thought that males were first to stake out territory.

    Don thought males were first so they could build the nest.

    Nathan thought that males are faster fliers.

    Amber thought that females come later when it's warmer because of their

    The whole class thought that the advantages of an early arrival were
    that the robins could pick the best territory, they could get more
    worms, and there would be more sticks for nests.

    They thought the disadvantage was that it could still get very cold.