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Tracking Changes in Photoperiod Around the Globe

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  • Latitude Shoes: New Invention Sweeps Across Earth
    April 1, 1997

    Today scientists announced what will probably be hailed as one of our century's greatest inventions. Appropriately named, "latitude shoes" allow those who wear them to travel around the earth in just 24 hours. When activated, latitude shoes hover 6 feet above the ground while the earth spins beneath. Whoever wears these shoes can travel around the earth at their own latitude effortlessly.

    People everywhere are invited to put on a pair of latitude shoes and go for a ride. Then, write a news story about the 24 hour adventure around the earth and send it to Journey North News.

    • What did you see when you traveled around the earth at your latitude?
    • How far and fast did you go?
    • How many countries were you able to visit?
    • What clothes were needed for the journey?
    • You know everyone at your latitude has the same photoperiod. Was the climate the same at all places of the same latitude? Why or why not?

    Enjoy your trip! Then send your story to: jnorth@learner.org