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  • News Flash: Monarch Migration Reaches Canada!

    Thanks to Canadian naturalist Don Davis for this exciting news:

    May 7, 1997
    "I have just received a report from Karl Konze at Point Pelee National Park near Leamington, Ontario (42 N, 82.5 W). He reports that a monarch butterfly was sighted at the tip of the peninsula this morning. I have requested further details about this sighting.

    "As many will know, Point Pelee National Park is on the north shore of Lake Erie. It is near the southernmost part of Canada and is on the same latitude as northern California. This area, often referred to as "Carolinean Canada", contains many southern species such as tulip tree, prickly pear cactus, etc. There is very, very, little vegetation and trees north of the park - it is all very very flat farmland devoid of trees. Also, this national park is at the junction of two major bird flyways. Hence, it one of North America's best birdwatching sites.

    "Last September 17th - and I can easily remember this date - a record 350,000+ monarchs migrated through the park during a 2 hour period in the morning (the figure was probably more like 500,000!)."

    Don Davis
    Toronto, ON

    Try This!
    Can you find Point Pelee on a map? Notice how far it extends into Lake Erie. Why do you think this is an important place for migrating birds-- and monarchs?