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  • Jim Gilbert

    Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: May 13, 1997

    Another 37 monarch sightings to report this week, including a second sighting from Canada!

    Thanks to everyone for helping to track this spring's migration. We hope you're still on the lookout for your FIRST monarch of the season!

    How to REPORT:
    On the left-hand side of this page you'll see an owl button. Simply press the button and a FIELD DATA FORM will appear. If you have any trouble using this system, send a message to our feedback form We'd be happy to help you!

    SFSU Meteorology
    Has the Recent Weather Affected the Migration?
    "It seems that cool weather has stalled the monarch migration in Ontario. I note that the jet stream has dipped below the Great Lakes - possibly preventing warm air from the south from entering the province and allowing cool northern air to dominate our weather," reports naturalist Don Davis of Toronto, Ontario. Songbird migration has clearly been stalled over the past few days, due to this cold system. This map shows the jet stream dipping below the Canadian border, just as Don describes. (Click here for more information about the jet stream.)

    Parlez Vous Francais?
    Now that the monarchs have reached the Canadian border, Don has dusted off his French dictionary and is actively pursuing sightings from Quebec:

    "Cher ami:
    "Je regret que je ne parle pas le francais ou ecrit le francais meilleur! A ce moment, 1500 ecoles dans l'Etat Unis et le Canada etude le papillon monarque ("le monarque"). Cette insect magnifique voyage du Mexique au Canada chaque an. Le premier monarque a arrive au parc national Point Pelee en Ontario May 7/97. S'il vous plait, quand vous voyer le premier monarque de l'an, ecrivez moi avec tout les details - ie votre nom, la ville, la date, que fait le monarque, etc, etc, le temps, la temperature, etc. "Merci beaucoup!"
    Don Davis
    Toronto, Ontario

    Symbolic Migration Update
    At long last, we're finally packing up the last of the butterflies! Thank you all for waiting so patiently. If you have not received your package by the end of next week (May23rd), please contact us at that time. Rod Murray's class in Mississauga, Ontario came to the rescue and offered to mail all Canadian packages. This was a big help, because envelopes with Canadian stamps could not be mailed from the U.S. Thank you Dolphin Senior Public School!

    Where Have Your Butterflies Have Landed?
    We've created a place where you can meet and share your stories.

    Here's a sample of the conversation taking place there:

    From FLORIDA:
    "Dear third graders at Locust Valley Intermediate School in New York. I received your butterfly. My name is Debra Gloss and I'm now taking care of it, but before me, it was taken care of by Hernandez Felix Fabiola in Mexico for the winter."
    Southwest Middle School
    Orlando, FL bottss@ocps.k12.fl.us

    "I am looking for anyone receiving butterflies from Coleytown Middle School in Westport, CT. We have received many butterflies from students in the U.S. and students in Mexico....we'd love to return them to the proper owners AND correspond with as many of you as we can. Seria nuestro gran placer! Gracias,
    Stacy Karam, Spanish Teacher
    Coleytown Middle School , CT

    The Next Monarch Butterfly Migration Update Will be Posted on May 20, 1997.