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  • Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: June 17, 1997

    Karen Oberhauser

    May's unusually cold temperatures set in just as the first spring generation of monarchs was developing across the continent. The cool weather slowed their rate of development--and prolonged the wait for first monarch sightings in northern regions. In Minnesota, for example, monarchs almost always appear before the first of June. It was mid-month before they made a strong showing this spring. They arrived en masse this week, with 7 of the spring's 13 sightings reported in a span of only 3 days!

    Why was May so cool--and the monarchs so late? According to meteorologist Ken Barlow of the Minneapolis Star & Tribune, the jet stream remained in its fall and winter mode right through the month, and brought persistently cool weather throughout the country. It has now finally shifted into its spring/summer mode.

    Today's report includes 46 new sightings. If you still have not seen--or reported--your first monarch, please do so today! We will post a final migration update on July 8th, along with a map summarizing this spring's migration.

    The FINAL Monarch Butterfly Migration Update Will be Posted on July, 8, 1997