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  • Translation of Fernando Romero's Report of March 3, 1997 (Courtesy of Jon Dicus & Students at Blake School)

    "This week many butterflies have come down into town. Also, many Mexican and foreign tourists have come to see the town and the butterflies. Yesterday, I went to the sanctuary at Sierra Chincua and I saw that many butterflies were flying about due to the sunny weather.

    "The butterflies that come down into town everyday arrive here at about 10:00 A.M. and by 11:00 there are lots of them. They fly around all day and then leave around 3:00 P.M.

    Dr. Stephen Buchmann
    "Here there are two sanctuaries open to the public. One is called 'el Rosario' and the other is 'Chincua'. There is an unpaved road up to el Rosario. And in Chinuca one can get there via the highway, which passes right by the sanctuary. The oldest sanctuary is Rosario and Chincua is just recently opened. In Rosario they sell food and arts and crafts, such as post cards, barretts, key chains and photos.

    Well that is all. In my next message I will tell you some more.

    Hasta luego,

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