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    Connecting With Other Classrooms

    To contribute to the discussion below send e-mail to: jn-talk@learner.org

    Welcome to jn-talk!

    Journey North (jnorth@learner.org) Sun, 2 Feb 1997 14:13:17 -0500

    Just think, hundreds of classrooms across North America are participating in Journey North at the same time you are--watching for migratory animals, noting signs of spring and charting changes in temperature and day length.

    The Teacher to Teacher Feature is a service that connects Journey North classrooms This is a place for you to meet, share activities, invent interactive projects and exchange ideas that will help make this project a successful telecommunications experience for your students.

    How to Participate
    Write a message you'd like to share with other teachers. It will be added to the Teacher to Teacher arcives where others will find it.

    Ways to Use This Service:
    There are countless ways you can implement inquiry-based learning over Internet using Journey North's spring theme:

    • Share and compare backyard data.
    • Meet other teachers and explore ways to integrate Journey North into your curriculum.
    • Design your own study! Begin with a question that students can investigate locally. Then use the Teacher-Teacher Feature to coordinate a small network of schools from different geographical regions to supply comparative data.
    Please suggest resources appropriate for your grade level which other participants will find useful!

    Journey North Project Staff