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    shapiroa (shapiroa@concentric.net)
    Sun, 2 Feb 1997 14:57:29 -0500

    I thought I would break the ice (no pun intended). I teach in the great
    state of Florida where it is difficult to really see signs of spring
    since it is 75 degrees today. However we do have signs. For example,
    the robins migrate through our area this time of year. Our Live Oak
    trees lose some of their leaves and start to blossom their catkins.

    Oh, my 9th grade science classes will be involved this year. If were
    students would like to ask questions about Florida and its weather, my
    students would love to answer. Also, since we live where Manatees are a
    native species, any questions about them would also be useful. In fact,
    I have had the chance to swim with them twice and can share my

    Alan Shapiro
    Largo High School
    410 Missouri Ave.
    Largo, FL 33770