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    Attention Helen Kittredge

    Thu, 27 Feb 1997 17:34:36 -0500

    Attention Helen Kittredge This is Lavonne Probst. I have had
    difficulty getting a message out to you because we have had to many hops
    in Cyber Space and we are unable to E-Mail you a message. Here is my
    school address if you would still like for our classes to be penpals.
    Lavonne Probst Grove Ele. 5251 E 1800th. Ave. Montrose, Illinois
    62445. I have 8 girls and 8 boys. We are throughly enjoying Journey
    North and the upcoming moment when the monarchs will start leaving the
    sanctuaries so that we may once again have them back in the states to
    see. Thanks for wanting to be penpals Lavonne Probst.