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    Re: math projects

    Susan Hoffman (shoffman@teal.csn.org)
    Sat, 1 Mar 1997 21:39:16 -0500

    >Fellow educators:
    > I've heard of the Journey North resource, and now that I've
    >"visited", it seems great. I can't wait until our school has the
    >capability to participate.
    > I have heard that there are long-term math projects that
    >students can participate in. Can anyone direct me to a specific
    >project involving math? There is a teacher at my school who is
    >very interested in getting her kids (5th graders) involved. RSVP
    > Many thanks
    > Steve Mahaley
    > Technology Specialist
    > Glenwood Elementary, Chapel Hill, NC, US

    From what I've seen, without looking through the materials, there
    are many opportunities to use math in geography applications. Mapping any
    migration requires measuring, using decimals and coordinates and
    estimating. The mystery class has students figuring daylength (can be
    tricky for 10 year olds!) and using logic as well as mapping to find the 10
    places anywhere on the globe using latitude, longitude and geographical
    clues. Graphing is a part of the mystery class project as well as many
    other ones. Have fun! Susan Hoffman 4th/5th grade teacher, Colorado

    Susan Hoffman
    Crested Butte, CO