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    Dennis Brooks Simpson (DennisBrooksSimpson@worldnet.att.net)
    Thu, 13 Mar 1997 21:39:27 -0500

    Three of us have been running Journey North in our classrooms this year.
    We are experiencing great frustration and would appreciate your input.
    (l) There appears to be no quality control on sightings input.
    Many lack latitude and longtitude, or the l/l entries are meaningless
    (eg 98.0059485008). Why is the system set up to accept entries without
    latitude/longtitude so we can locate them without searching an atlas?
    Can the system be set up to reject incomplete entries?
    (2) We suspect the (1) is because some teachers are not
    monitoring their class input. We suspect this is also why a student is
    allowed to enter sighting a robin 7 to 10 days in a row in the same
    town. Are there really lesser long-nosed bats all over the United States
    at this time? How did the teacher permitting the input know her students
    actually saw this variety of bat? What happens as a result of this is a
    system full of junk entries that make sightings for many species in
    Journey North meaningless. Some control/editing/training may be needed
    here for participants. Those of us who have spent a great amount of
    class time preparing our students for this project are defeated by those
    who do not. I am quitting tracking today as a result....it wastes my
    students' time.
    (3) Perhaps some additional pages in the manual on how NOT to
    use the system would be helpful?
    I think these are serious shortfalls and I would sincerely
    appreciate your addressing them. Journey North can be wonderful.....if
    it is not abused by its users!
    Thank you!