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    Lat/Long Look-up--Recommended Software

    Bill Lee (billl%Helena@metnet.mt.gov)
    Wed, 2 Apr 1997 15:47:55 -0500

    I use the computer program called "Encarta 96 World Atlas" to find the long
    and lat of each city. It really works neat.

    All I have to do is type in the beginning part of the city's name and it
    automatically brings up all the possibilities. Then with a click of the
    mouse a map comes up on the screen with that city in its center. When I
    place my cursor on that city a lat/long box automatically shows me the
    correct lat/long....

    It is very comprehensive. There have only been a couple of places that I
    couldn't find and I suspect that is because of a typo in the names....
    It is made by Microsoft.

    Bill Lee
    Winifred, MT