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    Art teacher/world traveller needs help.

    Mon, 14 Apr 1997 13:32:27 -0500

    I teach art in grades 1-5 in the Greenway Schools, Coleraine, Mn. Vandyke
    has established itself as an Environmental Learning Center. This year we were
    honored with the Mn. Elementary School Principals Association's, School of
    Excellence, only one of six in the state.

    Last year I travelled to New Zealand, this year I do a two week treck around
    Lake Superior with the Lake Superior Learning Center, Duluth, with members
    from 12 schools from Mn., Wi. and Canada. Also I plan on attending the
    National Wildlife Federation Summit in Seward, Alaska to study and learn how
    to integrate EE studies into existing curriculums.

    The Alaska trip will be funded only partially by my district (very little)
    the rest is up to me. Resently,I approached numerous local and some national
    environmental organizations and companies. Haven't heard anything yet

    If anyone has a contact in Seward to help me with lodging...it would be a
    great help. It will be the hight of the tourist season...and very expensive.
    Any ideas of funding possibilities...inform back.