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    Dennis C. May (mayden@calweb.com)
    Tue, 15 Apr 1997 15:36:26 -0500

    I am a Chapter I Resource Teacher & Technology Coordinator at White Rock
    Elementary School. Our Sixth Grade is part of Journey North Grouping studing
    tulips. While reviewing their material I discover that one of teachers
    involve in project was from Scotland. I have not been able to send in e-mail
    through World Wide Web. I would be most appreative if you could forward the
    following message to him. Thank you in advance for your help.

    To: Im@st-andrews.ac.uk

    I got your e-mail address from our sixth grade teachers who are part of the
    Tulips project.
    The reason I am contacting you is that I plan to visit Scotland with my
    wife, daughter and my other daughter and her husband during the first part
    of August. We are spending a week in England first, than on to Scotland. We
    are staying in apartment during our stay in England. This is our second
    visit to England and our first visit to Scotland.


    My wife and myself are both elementary teachers, plus I have a real estate
    business. Just started up my own homepage at mayproperties.com

    I would appreciate if you could help answer the following questions?

    Where is most centralize place to stay to be able see most of Scotland,
    especially the historic sites?

    Would prefer to stay in home, apartment or small Inn, any recommendations?
    (average to deluxe-6-7 days)

    What areas would you recommended we visit?

    Do you know where the McCloud castle is located? (My son-inlaws name
    is McCloud)

    My other e-mail address is mayden@calweb.com

    Hope to here from you.