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    Monarch Migration Project

    Beth Checkovich (bcheckov@visuallink.com)
    Wed, 23 Apr 1997 04:07:04 -0500

    We received butterflies from Mexico through the Monarch Migration
    Project, and these were all different from the ones we sent. Some of
    the butterflies address specific students in particular schools. I know
    the letter from Journey North stated that this is a new generation of
    butterflies, but would the schools who have been identified by their
    Mexican correspondent like to have their letter? I do not believe any
    of the butterflies are the same as the ones originally sent to Mexico,
    but the letters are addressed to a student. I am assuming this would be
    like a pen-pal letter, so I doubt it would really matter. I just would
    like to hear other teacher's opinions about whether or not to send the
    butterflies on to other schools if that school was identified.