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    New Butterfly Web Sites

    Donald Davis (Donald_Davis@stubbs.woodsworth.utoronto.ca)
    Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:01:50 -0500

    Today I took a look at a couple of new butterfly web sites noted recently. =
    I was unable to view at least one of these at home because they required =
    =22frames=22 capability. However, I was able to view them on the new Univer=
    sity of Toronto Computers.=20

    Thanks to Paul Opler for bringing to our attention the new educational web =
    site: http://www.mesc.nbs.gov/butterfly.html. I was impressed with the site=
    , all the resources it listed, and I am sure younger children will enjoy th=
    e coloring page with large pictures of monarch egg, larva, pupa, and emergi=
    ng adult that can be downloaded and copied.

    I also took a look at the Discovery Channel site: http://www.exn.net. Howev=
    er, to view information concerning the recent interview with Dr. Brower, an=
    d a copy of a report on the Status of the Monarch Butterfly in Canada (same=
    as the one posted on the Monarch Watch Site, minus the excellent distribut=
    ion map) you need frames.

    Go to the site, and click on =22=40discovery.ca ENHANCED=22. Then go to the=
    bottom of the next page and click on =22FIND=22. In the space for typing a=
    search string, type in =22monarch and butterfly=22, and then click on sear=
    ch. Your EXN search results will appear, and click on the items noted. Ther=
    e may be an easier way to access this information, but this worked for me. =

    The page describing Dr. Brower's interview the other night also has a spot =
    to click on to hear a real audio clip of the feature interview. Again, your=
    computer will have to have the capacity to play this item.

    The weather in Ontari=3D has been really very warm over the past few days. =
    It wouldn't surprise me at all of some very early monarchs trickled into th=
    e province in early May if this weather keeps up. In Toronto it is 17 C or =
    about 62 F, but I have to remember that the reflection of the sun off of th=
    e pavement and buildings makes it seem much warmer in the city. I am sure a=
    long the shoreline of Lake Ontario - say at Presqu'ile - things remain cool=
    as the water temperature is cool. North of Toronto, in the forests, snow r=
    emains on the ground. In the far north - say Thunder Bay on Lake Superior -=
    I am told there is a lot of snow in the forests - 2 feet or more depending=
    on how well areas are shaded. We noticed this during our last trip to Mexi=
    co. Inside the forest and shaded areas, the temperature was quite cool. Onc=
    e you got out into the sun, the sunlight and heat reflected off of the grou=
    nd and vegetation really warmed things up=20

    Don Davis

    Toronto, ON