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    Student frustration

    Bruce Shields (bshields@standrewsch.org)
    Wed, 7 May 1997 09:28:53 -0500

    I am a technology advisor working with three third grade classes in Fort
    Worth, TX who are participating in JN. The classes have concentrated
    their work in the areas of leaf out, the American Robin and bats. Those
    students who worked on robins and bats are becoming frustrated and
    disillusioned. We can find only one bat update (March 6) at the JN site
    and have not been able to locate responses to the bat questions which
    were sent in before March 28. Robin questions were due by March 21, and
    we have not been able to find the answers to these either. Is this info
    posted at the JN site? Are we not looking in the correct place? What’s
    going on? If there has been some reason not to follow the schedules
    posted at the site we would at least expect some notice to be posted
    there. If some response can not be made to the questions within a
    reasonable time some explanation should be posted.

    Bruce Shields
    Fort Worth, TX

    Bruce Shields

    bshields@standrewsch.org bshields@tenet.edu