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    mrs. seigel's 2nd grade questions - please forward

    The Bellingers (polarber@northnet.org)
    Thu, 15 May 1997 22:48:24 -0500

    For class #1 Amguema, chukotka - Hi! We fish here on the St.Lawrence
    River too. What do you catch? Are there reindeer? Do you have moose?
    Do you speak English? Di you ever find any gold? (from Troy, Kyle and

    For Class #2 Barrow, Alaska - How cold is it there? When was your last
    snowstorm (our was in mid-April)? What kind animals live there? We
    live on the St. Lawrence River. Are there sea lions where you live?
    (from Mike, Doug, Troy and Adam)

    For Class #3 Christchurch, New Zealand - Do you like to go fishing? We
    do. We fish on the ST. Lawrence river. Do you get snow? Do you go
    camping? We studies dinosaurs. How many people are in your class? What
    kind of books do you like to read? What do you like to watch on T.V.?
    Our teacher went to Australia and New Zealand last year. She loved it!
    We saw her pictures and coral.

    For Class #4 Forteleza, Brazil - Do you do fishing? Have you ever seen
    a killer whale? I've heard about your rain forest in Brazil. What is
    your school like? Have you seen cotton growing? (from Stephanie, Drew,
    Mike, Troy, Ben and Jake)

    For Class # 5 Kunming, China - What are the school like in China? Is
    your weather nice there? Do you speak English as well as Chinese? We
    live on the ST. Lawrence River near Canada. Do you have lots of parks
    there? Do you have farms there? We do. (from Megan, Kari and Morgan)

    For Class #6 - McMurdo, Anartica - Is is just as cold in the winter as
    in the summer? Stephanie heard there was a big oil spill there? We
    are reading Mr. Popper's Penguin's. Do you have school there?
    (from Stephanie, Sarah, Brandy, Jennifer)

    For Class #7 - Portland, Oregan - Do you like to eat fish? What kind of
    vegetables and fruit do you grow? Do you have a lot of farms? We do.
    Do you like to go fishing? We do on the St. Lawrence River. We're
    closer to Canada than you are. Do you have science classes? We like
    science (Zach, Ben, Zack)

    For Class #8 - Secunda, South Africa - Are you or do you know any Zulus?
    Do you have elephants? What animals have you ridden on? Do you have a
    big or little airport? How deep into the jungle have you ever gone?
    (from Jake, Sarah, Ben, Stephanie, and Mike)

    For Class #9 - Zalaegerszeg, Hungary - What kind of fruits do you have?
    What do you study in school there? What kind of fish do you have? Do
    you hunt deer? We do. (Jake, Jacob and Josh)

    For Class #10 - Walvis Bay, Namibia - Do you get your water from
    cactuses? How many sandstorms have you had? What animals do you hunt?
    Do you have pet? Did you ever have an earthquake? (Jake, Ben, Mike)