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    John O'Neill (JONEILL@worldnet.att.net)
    Mon, 19 May 1997 22:26:54 -0500

    May 19, 1997

    I have been looking for information on what "exactly" goes on in the
    monarch's chrysalis. For instance, do the antennae of the monarch
    caterpillar become the antennae of the adult butterfly? What do the
    false legs become? etc. I have not found any of this sort of information
    in any book and now a few students have recently asked me these same
    kinds of questions and I could not give them an answer. Can anyone give
    me the name of a book (if there is such a book) that will give me this
    information. I would appreciate anything you can point out to me. You
    can send this information to my e-mail address below.