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    Re: Stopping of Unnecessary Mowing

    Donald Davis (Donald_Davis@stubbs.woodsworth.utoronto.ca)
    Fri, 30 May 1997 20:45:55 -0500

    Dear Doris:

    We have the same problem in Ontario. It seems that plants are either benefi=
    cial (ie. flowers, crops) or weeds.=20

    It takes a lot of effort and educating. Fortunately, we had a major reduct=
    ion in mowing last year due to economic restraints and many rural communiti=
    es with limited budgets were suddenly more cooperative. Besides pointing o=
    ut the value of habitat for all manner of wildlife, you can also point out =
    that they are unnecessarily throwing tax dollars down the drain.=20

    =46rom time to time, we get an overzealous weed inspector - like the one that=
    wanted to order a superintendent in a provincial park classified as =22Nat=
    ural Environment=22 to destroy all the milkweed in the park, while all the =
    surrounding properties were filled with milkweed=21 (They compromised that=
    year - the park made a token effort to remove some seed pods - leaving the=
    milkweed leaves for the monarchs. The following year, the park did nothing=

    Don Davis

    Toronto, ON