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    North American Monarch Butterfly Conference in Mexico

    Donald Davis (Donald_Davis@stubbs.woodsworth.utoronto.ca)
    Sat, 28 Jun 1997 14:22:26 -0500


    I have just received a note from Tara Wilkinson with regard to her request =
    for information regarding individuals interested in tattending the North Am=
    erican Monarch Butterfly Conference this fall in Morelia, Mexico. The attac=
    hment she sent me now contains 250 names.

    I am posting a copy of her note below. Tara is a student at McGill Universi=
    ty, Montreal, Quebec, who is compiling this list for the Council for Enviro=
    nmental Cooperation (NAFTA) in order that a mailing list can be prepared fo=
    r this conference and registration forms sent out later. Her e-mail address=
    is: twilki2=40po-box.mcgill.ca.=20

    The attachment with the 250 names is very large, and takes up 17 printed pa=
    ges. However, I could post it if adviseable or ask Tara to post a copy with=
    an attachment to dplex-l.

    We've had very warm weather in Toronto over the past few days - up into the=
    80's F, while nights get low, into the 60's F. I spotted a monarch right i=
    n the city today, so perhaps that is a good omen that egg-laying monarchs a=
    re arriving around our area. Elliot Lake in Northern Ontario had monarchs l=
    aying eggs before we did=21

    Don Davis

    Toronto, ON


    =22June 27th/97

    Hello once again=21

    In order to obtain information pertaining to the North American Conference =
    on the Monarch Butterfly, and for a resultant directory to be made, each pe=
    rson's file must be compete(ie. Title, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Or=
    ganization, Address, City, Sate/Province, Postal code/Zip, Phone no., Fax, =
    E-mail). If your file is correct and complete - thank you. If your file is =
    not complete/correct, or you know of information pertaining to someone else=
    's file who does not have an email address, please send me the relevenat da=
    ta as soon as posible. No futher information will be sent if a file is not =

    Tara Wilkinson

    Commission for Environmental Cooperation - Research Assistant

    North American Monarch Butterfly Conference - Organizing Committee=22