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    New Monarch Book

    Donald Davis (Donald_Davis@stubbs.woodsworth.utoronto.ca)
    Thu, 3 Jul 1997 11:29:50 -0500

    <x-fontname><param>Arial</param>Laurence P. Pringle has written about 70 bo=
    oks for children - and on a wide range of topics. His most recent books is =

    An Extraordinary Life - The Story of a Monarch Butterfly

    New York: Orchard Books


    ISBN 0531300021 =2418.99

    ISBN 0531330028 (Library Binding)

    With a little detective work, I was able to track Mr. Pringle down at his N=
    ew York State home. The book has just been released, and was reviewed in Ki=
    rkus Reviews and the March 15th issue of Book List magazine (American Libra=
    ry Association).

    Mr. Pringle indicated that he had discussions with Dr. Chip Taylor and Dr. =
    Lincoln Brower while writing his book. The book - which I have not yet seen=
    - takes the form of a narrative and describes the life of a female monarch=

    Another author in Connecticut is writing another monarch book.

    Don Davis

    Toronto, ON