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    Journey North

    RosemaryThornton (rthorn@lps.esu18.k12.ne.us)
    Fri, 8 Aug 1997 20:05:05 -0500

    Hello Elizabeth,
    I am planning a workshop presentation that will include giving information
    about Journey North. It reminded me that I never did fill out an evaluation
    for this past season. So, I will mention a few things that we experienced
    while taking part in JN.
    On the whole it was a pretty productive time. We did monarchs,
    robins, leaf-out and the tulip garden (6th grade did tulips and 4th/5th did
    the other topics). I had a little bit of trouble with asking questions on
    robins and we never did receive the answer to our question. Also, I
    wondered how our answers to challenge questions was handled. We never saw
    any answers (at least our answers) on the web page.
    Probably our greatest disappointment was with the tulip garden
    interactions. I had each of my table groups (18 in all for 3 classes)
    select an email address and write a message about our tulip garden. They
    wrote their messages in science class, I gave the messages to our computer
    teacher, and he had the students write and send their messages in computer
    class. Out of 18 messages, we got only 1 reply. That was fun for the group
    who got it. They sent back more clues and had fun figuring out what state
    and city the message came from. I couldn't figure out why we didn't get
    more replies. You can imagine that I am reluctant to spend so much class
    time again on sending the messages with such poor response last year.
    In general, the web page was much easier to use this year than
    before. Also, because our school is direct-connected students could work
    the system better. You have really made great strides since the first year.

    Thanks so much for all your time and effort. JN is a wonderful resource!
    Rosemary Thornton
    Fredstrom Elementary School
    Lincoln, NE 68510