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    Odds and Ends from Don Davis

    Donald Davis (Donald_Davis@stubbs.woodsworth.utoronto.ca)
    Tue, 9 Sep 1997 17:38:27 -0500

    Another very busy day, with phone calls from the Toronto Star wanting an in=
    terview, to requests from a teacher in Kitchener, Ontario for information a=
    bout Journey South. The reporter from the Toronto Star reported that he dro=
    ve through the Leslie Street Spit on the Toronto waterfront today, and foun=
    d many monarchs feeding on goldenrod. Temperatures in the low 70's F. A gor=
    geous day. But rain is on the way. But it was supposed to be raining now=

    Has anyone seen the August 1997 issue of =22Ranger Rick=22 (Volume 31(8), p=
    ages 24 - 31)? I note a reference to an article called =22Welcome to the Mi=
    lkweed Theatre=22.

    I stopped by the WWF(Canada) offices today and spoke with Elizabeth Agnew a=
    nd others. This year, WWF(Canada) has chosen the monarch butterfly for its =
    1997 Wildlife at Risk T-Shirt. The design has a denim-blue rectangle on the=
    front with 6 monarchs on it, and is quite attractive. Unfortunately, the s=
    hirt is only for sale to members, and costs =2427.23 with shipping. Those w=
    anting to see a brochure with a picture of the shirt on it can contact the =
    World Wildlife Fund Canada, 90 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 504, Toronto, ON M4P=
    2Z7. They will also send a t-shirt out to anyone who also includes with t=
    heir payment a minimum donation of =2410.00. You can try their toll-free l=
    ine at 1-800-26-PANDA. They have medium and large sizes life. Large is more=
    like an extra large. They wanted to know how many boxes I wanted=21

    Apparently Country Journal, Jan/Feb 1997, page 10, had an item about butter=
    fly weed (A. tuberosa).

    Rumor has it that a copy of the new monarch documentary film has surfaced i=
    n the Toronto area. Detective Don will sniff this one out, seeking a previe=
    w screening=21

    Don Davis

    Toronto, ON