Spring, 1997
Jim Gilbert

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Challenge Question #1

Roberta Prescott (rprescott@dusd.k12.ca.us)
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 16:37:27 -0000

Our fourth grade class from Denair Elementary School, Denair, California
calculated the arrival date of the majority of Monarch Butterflies to be
October 16, 1998. To come to our arrival date we first looked up various
facts in the encyclopedias, nature books and geography books. We
discovered that Monarch Butterflies travel approximately 20 mph. We
located Mochoacan, Mexico and using a ruler measured the distance from
Santa Cruz, California to the middle of Mochoachan. We chose Santa Cruz,
California since there is a state park there that is know for its
clusters of Monarch Butterflies. They are the thickest there in
September-October and we voted and decided that they would leave that
spot on October 7th. We measure the distance to about 2000 miles and
thought that they might travel 12 hours a day. By multiplying and then
dividing we found that it would take 8.5 days to get there. We had fun
and learned a lot whether our estimate is the correct one or not.
Thank you, Roberta Prescott

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| Denair Elementary School |
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