Spring, 1997
Jim Gilbert

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Challenge Question # 2

Michael Daugherty (daughert_m@popmail.firn.edu)
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 13:56:53 -0400

I think that the monarchs stop in New Jersey because they have a lot of
milkweek and they need to rest and that is probably the best place to
stop and rest.

Kendolyn Joseph, 5th Grade

The monarchs stop to rest there before they fly the rest of the way to

Stephen Overton, 5th Grade

The reason they stop in Cape May, New Jersey is because there is a lot
of milkweed there and so they can get some rest.

Jesse Rodrigues, 5th Grade

I think Cape May, New Jersey is a good place because to watch migrating
monarchs because you can see all of them at one time.

Rod Patterson, 5th Grade

Mr. Daugherty's Classroom
4th and 5th Grade
Citrus Elementary
Indian River County Public Schools
Vero Beach, Florida