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Note: These Challenge Questions coincide with the Spring 2000 Reports

From: Tony Ward (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 22:27:27 EDT

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    Another fantastic wild goose chase around the globe. My class will prepare an annotated version of our answer to be sent on later. This is from Mr Ward?s Grade 11 Natural Disasters class, Ajax High School, 25 miles East of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Spring Semester. Finally we will be able to get onto something else. (G) Perfect clues this year. Congratulations to all involved. Our answer to Challenge Question #4 ?..

    MC#1 Buenos Aires Argentina at Lat 34d 36m South, Long 58d 30m West

    MC#2 Petropavlovsk (Petropavl) Kazakhstan at Lat 54d 52m North, Long 69d 08m East

    MC#3 Angangueo, Mexico at Lat 19d 37m North, Long 100d 17m West

    MC#4 Quito, Ecuador at Lat 0d 12m South, Long 78d 30m West

    MC#5 Frederikshavn, Denmark at Lat 57d 26m North, Long 10d 32m East

    MC#6 Invergordon, Victoria, Australia at Lat 36d 09m South, Long 145d 34m East

    MC#7 Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada at Lat 48d 56m North, Long 58d 00m West

    MC#8 McMurdo Base, Antarctica at Lat 77d 51m South, Long 166d 42m East

    MC#9 Mons, Belgium at Lat 50d 27m North, Long 3d 56m East

    MC#10 Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, USA at 55d 58m North, Long 161d 13m West

     per Tony Ward, Head of Geography, Ajax High School

    Tony (VE3NO) ComputerViz; NYAA StarFest on-line
    Situ rutu karu tuleb (Poo quickly; the bear is coming...)

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