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Note: These Challenge Questions coincide with the Spring 2001 Reports

Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 16:13:02 EDT

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    From Mrs. Lodge's C Period class:
    1 Lisbon Portugal 38n43 9w08
    2 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 3n10 101 E 42
    3 Montevideo Uruguay 34S 53 56W 11
    4 Acapulco Mexico 16n51 99w55
    5 McMurdo Antartica 78S 168E
    6 Greenwich England 38N 51.28 0
    7 Auckland New Zealand 36S52 174E 46
    8 Kobe Japan 34N 41 135 E 10
    9 La Paz Bolivia 16 S30 68 W 09
    10 Beijing China 31N 10 121E 28

    I am the teacher of three special education science classes in a regional
    middle school in a small rural town. I just wanted to thank you for a such a
    great interdisciplinary lesson. We are very involved with the journey north
    site in the fall when we raise our monarch butterflies. Once we have
    released them, watched the butterflies make it to the mountains of Mexico,
    and participated in the symbolic migration, we turn to other activities.
    Last week, while I was home on vacation, I looked to see what was happening
    to the butterflies this spring. I came upon this wonderful lesson on Mystery
    classes. Our classes tried the Mystery class/photoperiod project in the
    fall, but time and circumstances did not let us finish it. The students had
    some idea of photoperiods when I introduced this new lesson to them. Each
    student was responsible for one Mystery class. I led them through the
    neessary math to determine longitude and then gave them the clues...all in
    one week. Some of them did their research on the internet while others took
    to the library. Often they were confused about how they would figure out
    where their Mystery class was. As they tied their countries down and then
    tackled the clues, things began to fall into place for them. I don't know
    how accurate we are with our answers, but the look on student's faces as they
    pieced together clues was priceless.
        We've enjoyed planting tulips with you and of course we love our
    butterflies, but this lesson was the best! The kids are so looking forward
    to how well they did and so am I! Thanks again for another great lesson.
    There isn't enough time for us to participate in all of them, but you
    guys/gals are great! Looking forward to next Friday! Marsha Lodge

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