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Note: These Challenge Questions coincide with the Spring 1999 Reports

Challenge Question #4

Lynn Connell (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 16:06:40 -0500 (CDT)

These guesses are from the 4th grade Challenge Enrichment class: Michael,
Chris, Kassandra, Kristina, and Elizabeth. Saipan; country= Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas; lat=15
degrees, 15 minutes north; long=144 degrees, 45 minutes east Vestmannaeyjar, (Westman Islands); country = Iceland; lat= 63
degrees and 26 minutes north; long= 20 degrees and 12 minutes west

3. city=Capetown; country= South Africa; lat= 35 degrees, 55 minutes south;
long= 18 degrees, 22 minutes east Istanbul; country= Turkey; lat= 41 degrees, 1 minute north; long= 28
degrees, 58 minutes east

5. city= McMurdo on Ross Island; country=United State's station on the
continent of Antarctica;
lat= 77 degrees, 51 minutes south; long= 166 degrees, 40 minutes east

6. city=Bandar Seri Begawan; country= Brunei; lat= 4 degrees, 53 minutes
north; long= 114 degrees, 56 minutes east

7. city =San Diego, (California); country= United States; lat= 32
degrees, 42 minutes north; long= 117 degreees, 9 minutes west

8. city= Sao Paulo; country= Brazil; lat= 23 degrees, 32 minutes south;
long= 46 degrees, 37 minutes west

9. city=Waimea, (Kauai Island, Hawaii); country= United States; lat= 21
degrees, 55 minutes north; long= 159 degrees, 45 minutes west Enniskillen, (County Fermanagh); country= Northern Ireland; lat= 54
degrees, 21 minutes north; long= 7 degrees, 38 minutes west

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