Let’s Connect

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April is Citizen Science Month. On April 22, we celebrate the 50th anniversary Earth Day. And on May 9th we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day. What better time to celebrate our community, the migratory species we love, and our role as citizen scientists. 

On this Earth Day, a message from Nancy A. Sheehan, Journey North Program Coordinator 

As a Journey North citizen scientist, you are part of our community helping to take “the pulse of the planet”. We want to hear from you. Let’s gather virtually to celebrate our community.

Step #1: Make a sign with the words “I AM JOURNEY NORTH” written in large bold lettering. Or print our sign.

Step #2: Take a photo of yourself with your sign in a location of your choosing, for example, by your garden, by your bird feeder, while walking with binoculars. If you do NOT wish to appear in this Journey North selfie, share a photo of your “patch of the planet” — a location that is special to you, your pollinator habitat, or where you observe nature. 

Step #3: Share your photo with the wider Journey North community.

There are two ways to share your photos. Do both for double the impact!

Option #1: Post to Facebook and Twitter by tagging @journeynorthorg.

Option #2: Submit your “I AM JOURNEY NORTH” photo as you would a sighting using the sighting category Habitat.

*Note: To submit your I AM JOURNEY NORTH selfie, you must first register with Journey North. To register, please go to our Registration page. You will then be able to submit our photo on Sightings page.

*In your comments: Please share what you love about Journey North and the migratory species you help by submitting data, following news updates and/or planting pollinator gardens. 

If you submit your photo using Sightings page (Option #2), your photo will appear on our Habitat map. Watch this map to see our Journey North community. Collectively we are making a difference. 

To honor you and the spirit of every day is Earth Day, we will accept our photo submission until May 31, 2020.