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Whooping Crane Migration NEWS FLASH: May 16, 2006

Migration is complete for young #516, but not on his own wing power. He was retrieved from a flooded backyard in Eaton County, Michigan at 2:02 CDT on May 16. A small private plane transported him to Necedah NWR in Wisconsin to join the other cranes on the summer nesting grounds. After doctors checked him, #516 was released at 6:08 PM. He soon settled on a pond to roost.

#516 Home in Wisconsin May 16, 2006
Photo ICF

Why Was He Captured?
Crane #516 was reported alone at the Michigan site on May 12-13. Up until then, he had been with buddy #522 in Decatur County, Indiana. Because of injury, #516 missed a significant portion of the northern part of the ultralight-led migration in autumn 2005. Separated from #522, he was unlikely to complete migration to Wisconsin on his own. Now he's safely home. Next year he'll get another chance to migrate south and north on his own. Good luck, #516!

During the flight to retrieve #516, the crane team checked the locations of the 3 other Eastern flock cranes now in Michigan: #522, as well as #318 and DAR #533 remain in three different areas.

Way to go, crane team, and WELCOME HOME, #516!

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