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First Juvenile Migrating! March 15, 2015

Juvenile female #7-14 didn't return to the winter pen with the other six in the Class of 2014 cohort the night of March 11. Guess what? She had begun migration with adults #4-12 and #4-13 leading the way! Suspense runs high this spring because the young cranes in the Class of 2014 didn't fly much of their migration route. Instead, they were trucked from Lodi, Wisconsin to Carroll County, Tennessee last fall when sub-zero temps and snow stalled the migration until it became unsafe. What will the others do when they get back to Tennessee? We must wait to see. Check bio page updates; stay tuned!

Crane #4-13, below, made sure his feathers were in top condition before migration.

Crane #4-13 preening on March 1, 2015
Beverly Paulan