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Go, Cranes! March 30, 2015

As of today, around 60 Whooping Cranes are back in Wisconsin, including young #7-14! Brooke and the remaining 2014 crane colts are still at their Florida wintering location as the migration clock ticks ever louder. (Last year, the Class of 2013 departed March 31 on their first journey north.) Stay tuned! Meanwhile, Wisconsin's first arrival was parent-reared male #22-13, landing March 12 or 13. Many others soon joined him. Nesting is next for the older pairs. At four years of age, crane #1-11 has reached breeding age and could choose a mate this spring. What do cranes look for when choosing their mates?

Crane #1-11 flying over Illinois on his spring migration in March.

Crane #1-11 migrating over Illinois
Mark Blassage