First Chicks of 2016!

#13-03 with her twin chicks hatched in early May, 2016
Beverly Paulan, Wisconsin DNR

May 9, 2016

Congratulations to pair #13-03 and #9-05, who hatched the first chicks of 2016 at Necedah NWR. Chick W1-16 hatched on May 2 and was soon joined by W2-16.

Another new family with a fresh hatch is pair #5-11 and #12-11, whose chick hatched May 6.

In more good news this week, the four young cranes that migrated north into Michigan this spring (#61, 62, 63 and 67-15 DAR) were captured and safely released in Marquette County, Wisconsin.

Further, at least seven crane pairs that abandoned their first nests have now re-nested, along with a few other pairs nesting!

What are some differences between wild-hatched baby cranes and those that hatch in captivity? See: