Migration Update: February 11, 2009
Welcome to the 2009 Journey North Bald Eagle Study!
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Map and Data

This week we will be looking at several maps. The most current map (this week's map) gives up-to-date locations for each of our bald eagles. Study the map. Use your eagle journal to make notes and plot each eagle's location on the map blank, or print this map for your records.

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this week's map

Explore Maps: Compare Yearly Fall Migrations 
Satellite technology is an amazing tool for scientists. Eagles U21, U25, and U27, all captured in January 2006 have now given us 3 years of fall migration data. When do our 3 eagles get their urge to leave summer nesting grounds in Northern Canada each year? Let's find out!

Travel Itinerary: You Be the Scientist
Study these 3 years of fall maps: fall 2006, 2007, and 2008. When did each bird start south, and when did they arrive at their wintering grounds each year? Use the worksheet to help you organize the information you find on the maps.

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Think: What factors might cause eagles to start their journeys south to their winter grounds?

Questions: Write down any questions you have about their summer map locations and when they leave?

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Ask the Eagle Expert: Opens This Week 

Do you have questions about eagles that you'd love to have answered? Students for many years have written to our expert with questions they can't answer themselves. Work together as a class to develop a list of good questions and then select several to submit to our eagle expert, Peter "Eagleye" Nye. As a biologist with over 30 years experience in the field with bald eagles, Nye has a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

Get ready! Ask the Expert is Open Feb. 13 - 27!

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The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update Will Be Posted on February 18, 2009.