FINAL Migration Update: May 6, 2009
Welcome to the 2009 Journey North Bald Eagle Study!

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Maps and Data

As we end this season of tracking the eagles spring migration, we notice a couple of things clearly: first, eagle U25 continues to move about in Labrador. She hasn't settled down in a nest site yet. The fall migration map gives clues about where she nested last year. Secondly, it appears that eagle U21 is following a movement pattern similar to U25; traveling around before settling down to nest.

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It is interesting to note that U21 and U25 have different timing for settling down than U27 and S28. Eagle U27 has been stationary, on the nest, (47.6, -77.3) since March 19. Similarly, eagle S28's location (44.6, -76.07) has been the same since February 18.

All 4 of these birds were captured in NY, yet their patterns for migration and nesting are quite different.

Track U21 and U25's latest movements in today's map handout. >>

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Special "Thank You" to Eagle Researchers

As the migration season draws to a close, we'd like to turn your attention behind the scenes. Over the past 4 months, in addition to his busy job, Peter Nye found extra time to share his research. More special thanks, to Glenn Hewitt for organizing each week's data for our maps.

Journey North would not be possible without the dedication of scientists who contribute their expertise voluntarily!
Thank you, Peter!
Thanks, Glenn!
Explore: Migration Patterns Across the Years

During the past 4 springs we have had the remarkable opportunity to track the migrations of our bald eagles. Take a few minutes to compare and contrast the migration paths of individual birds.

Then use your eagle journal to summarize what you learned about eagle migration from this season's tracking.

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We've had a lot of fun learning about eagles this spring! Thanks to all who participated in tracking these magnificent raptors with Eagleye Nye and Journey North. See you next spring!
This the Final Bald Eagle Migration Update for Spring, 2009. Please join us again in February 2010!