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Fall's Journey South
Fall's Journey South
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Fall's Journey South

Fall Monarch Migration

Fall Whooping Crane Migration

Other Fall Migrations
During Fall, 1997 weekly migration stories arrived from some of North America's most important wildlife refuges. (See map.)

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Journey South News Reports

Refuge #1: September 8
Thousands of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds congregate at Aransas NWR before leaving on their non-stop flight over the Gulf of Mexico.
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (Austwell, Texas)

September 11
News Flash
Peregrine falcon arrives in Mexico from nest in northern Canada.

Refuge #2: September 15
Migration of Monarch Butterflies peaks at Cape May NWR.
Cape May National Wildlife Refuge (Cape May, New Jersey)

Refuge #3: September 22
Young Loons prepare to leave Seney NWR on their first southward migration.
Seney National Wildlife Refuge (Seney, Michigan)

Refuge #4: September 29
Baltimore Orioles head south with warbler migration from Tinicum NWR.
Tinicum National Wildlife Refuge (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Refuge #5: October 6
Thousands of hawks and Neotropical songbirds moving through Chincoteague NWR during the Eastern Shore Birding Festival.
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge (Chincoteague, Virginia)

Refuge #6: October 13
Monarch Butterflies arrive at St. Mark's NWR as celebrated during the St. Mark's Butterfly weekend.
St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge (St. Mark's Florida)

Refuge #7: October 20
Sandhill Cranes stop down at Quivera NWR, some coming from as far away as eastern Siberia. Together, Crane families find food and rest at Quivera National Wildlife Refuge. Meanwhile, an ultralight leads the migration for some young Whooping Cranes on their first fall flight.
Quivera National Wildlife Refuge (Stafford, Kansas)

Refuge #8: October 27
In a race against time, young swans must learn to fly before Montana's lakes freeze for the winter.
Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge (Lima, Montana)

Refuge #1: November 3
First Whooping Cranes return to winter on the Texas Gulf Coast from their northern nesting grounds in Canada. Over 150 Whooping Cranes are expected this fall, raising the population to a record level.
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (Austwell, Texas)

Refuge #9: November 10
Millions of songbirds congregate on the Texas coast before embarking on southward migration to Mexico, Central, and South America.
Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge Alamo, Texas

Refuge #10: November 17
First Manatees sighted in warm springs at Chasahowitzka NWR.
Chassahowitzka Nat'l. Wildlife Refuge (Crystal River, Florida)

Refuge #11: November 24
Alaska's Polar Bears overdue at maternity dens, scientists still expecting them.
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Refuge #12: November 18
Waves of Monarch Butterflies reach Mexico Special Biosphere Reserve for the Monarch Butterfly.
Michoacan, Mexico

Refuge #13: December 5
North American's songbirds arrive at Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and continue on through Mexico, Central and South America.
Yucatan, Mexico