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Fall's Journey South
Fall's Journey South
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Fall, 1998

How You Can Help Track Fall's Journey South
This fall, we are collecting field data about the 5 events listed below. Please send us news from your site about these events, and then watch for Journey South News Updates according to the calendar below:

Report Your Sightings
To Report
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This Fall, Please Report:
1) Fall Monarch Butterfly Sightings
Report your monarch sightings and help track the migration.

2) Tulips PLANTED
Please let us know when you plant your garden!

3) Unpave the Way for Wildlife
Put your site on the map. Tell us where you are helping protect wildlife habitat. Click Here for more information.

4) Fall Nature Notes
Please report the unique signs of the season where you live.

5) Practice Reports
Please practice now so you'll be ready in the spring!

How You Can Help Track Spring's Journey North
Journey North is primarily a spring program. You can help collect data about a dozen different migrations and signs of spring beginning in February, 1999. (For a preview of next spring's program, follow the link below.)

While spring is the focus of the Journey North program, we hope the fall "Journey South" features help convey the cyclical nature of the seasons.

To Sample the Journey North Spring Program: