Peregrine Falcon Migration Final Update: December 7, 1998
Contributed by biologist Geoff Holroyd, Canadian Wildlife Service

Dear Peregrine Enthusiast

Sadly we have not had any signals from the satellite transmitter since Nov 8. As Jason Duxbury told you in the last message she

Migration route of Peregrine Falcon #5735

was in the middle of the Caribbean Sea but appeared to be changing direction unsure of where she was headed. The transmitter signals did not appear three days later as expected. While the transmitter might have failed, it seems more likely that she is underwater. The last signals from the transmitter did not indicate any problem with the electronics or battery.

If any more signals appear I will let you know. We will check for her next spring in Wood Buffalo National Park to see if she returns with the transmitter to her nest, but it is difficult to be optimistic at this time.

We learned a little about the migration of two peregrine falcons and the winter location of one of them from this transmitter. Hopefully in the future we can acquire and use more of these transmitters to gain a more complete understanding of the migration route, winter locations and timing of movements of peregrines.

Thanks for your interest in the peregrines travels.


Geoff Holroyd, Research Scientist
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment Canada
Edmonton, Alberta

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